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Friday, August 1, 2008


ok i have to wake up at 8am today. becoz my dad n i have to meet d car seller at kiulap. i use to noe the seller coz its my fren bos. my dad use to reluctant at 1st for this meeting. becoz he tink that im rushing in choosing car. but yet we never been checking any car since i sold my car. its like 4 months no improvement in searching car. so im insist my dad to give chance to look up for this car. well as always i have to listen to all his free lecture n advice. but this is my decision. so the meeting was all gud. the car is not bad actually. only appearance and some damage. but we plan to fix that in future. so tru negotiation my dad agree to let me buy. i guess tomorrow i m goin to pay. ahak. finally. my mind is free from keep tinkin 'when im gonna have car?' no wonder i feel relieve. so back home. i continue my sleepin.

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