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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Wake up at 9.00 am, got a msg from my fren udin, he wanted to hang out and tell me to join him. But i didnt reply yet, coz im so daym sleepy. Then at 10 am, i walk to the kitchen finding food to eat. After that he called me again at 11 am asking me if i was going to join or not. There is nothing to do also at home so i agreed. Our fren ony also join us from her working place. We went lunch first then went to gdg.

Monday, June 29, 2009

watch blood the last vampire.

Have to wake at 9.00 am coz i want to meet my common skill tutor at skool. Arrived there, i picked my assignment report from my fren, then went to the staffroom. Too bad, my tutor was on leaved and she will only be back on 16 july. So i went back to my friend downstair. My friend were planning to watch movie. I dunno no yet what to watch coz i didnt noe they plan to watch movie. Plus i must get back home atleast around 1.30 pm. At that time, it was around 11 am. Hmmm.. i wonder can i catch up all my scheduled. Aha but it was free ticket which is sponsored by hsbc and only valid till tomorrow, so i cant resist this so i just join them.

Arrived at mall, straightly checking the cinema show time. Im glad there r show at 11.30am so we choosed that show. The movie we watched is blood the last vampire. Hmm this is not great idea, i hate blood stuff. But have no choice, other movie is transformer which i already watch. Blood, i just rate it 5/10, as i said i hate all this blood stuff, but the action was okey.

After watching movie i need to rush back home, so i just left my clasmates bit early. I need to bring my nephew to the clinic nearby for kid's food survey. Im tired aha, but everything done. ngeh3.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

yeh got it

I called the mall cineplex at 11.30 am today coz im afraid the reservation will be fully booked. I tried many time, coz the line seem to be bz. I guess it was the other customers who was also starting to book. Man, i got to watch this awesome movie Transformer 2. Then finally i managed to break through the line, so i made reservation for me n my friends. The cineplex staff said the ticket must be collected today, so i have no choice but to drive to mall and get it. My fren vin accompany me. So arrived there, I asked if i cud change the sit to a more farther from the screen, but they only managed to give the G row, well atleast it was not very close haha. yea tomorow gonna watch em!
I got it sucker!

Afternoon at Jpmc.

Yesterday, I accompanied my fren with his nieces to Jpmc at horse stalls area. We were just watching the horse there. Check out the video I had took.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Baby girl~

yehuu new born baby, my niece. its a gurl. hehehe im so happy. take a look how cute she is.=)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kenangan beach

This afternoon there's nothing much to do. So my dad bring us(my family) cruising around at Tutong town. I don't have any idea where we going. But as we getting nearer to kuala Tutong i guess i know where we headed. So it was the beach, yea i wud love to see the sunset. Arrived there i quickly get out of the car and running to the beach. It was a beautiful sunset. I walked along the beach with my family. Such a calm day, its been a long time i didnt go out with my family since im busy with my school day. It was such a great idea that my dad bring us here.

Beautiful sunset~

me wit my nephew

kid's creativity moment

luv playing with the water

Monday, June 15, 2009

Outing wit cuz

Today my cuz n i plan to go to Sengkurong's library because it was just opened in this month. So we just wanna see how its goin. So at 9.00 am i woke up, took breakfast n ready to pick up my cuz at kulapis. Arrived at library at 10.30 am. There we played laptop n then reading. The book there still few but it was great n comfort environment. The interior is nice, i think this place is good one for study. At 12, we went to qlap to watch night at meseum 2. That story was daym funy haha. After that we went to saloon at tanjung bunut, i just cut my front hair a bit. Then i send my cuzin home n chill there for a while. At 7 pm, i went home straight way. i feel so sleepy..zZZz

@ riverview

Yesterday, my family n I went to Riverview hotel for Apple's birthday, my cuzin's daughter. shes 1 year old. It was fun time for everybody which was coming there because there's lot of food, theres a swimming pool and everyone havin their gud time. After i had finish eating, i change my cloth coz im going to get wet haha. i mean splashing in the pool wuhu. got a slide there so i riding on it and whussh. man it was great. My plan for my whole holiday is to stress out n take the months off.

Friday, June 12, 2009

my cooking.

I forgot to take a pic of the fried chicken that i cooked. haha. i only remember after i finished eaten it. u can see the chicken bone below -.-. Anyway the taste is ok. It is very hard to get the right taste like Kfc chicken, i need to figure out the ingredient. To get the perfect taste i know its not easy, i just want to get the taste which is almost the same. I'll try again in the future.


I have just watch channel travel n living. Im kinda hungry because i keep watchin people cooking and eating haha. So here is the thing i wud like to do some cooking. I was planning to cook a fried chicken like Kfc fried chicken. So i browse the web looking the simple recipe just now. N i will go out soon buy the stuff that i need. Hope my cooking will success haha. Later peeps. I'll photoshoot the cooked chicken.


My semester 2 end exam olready ended yesterday. Such a relief, now i cud relax and enjoy my holiday without feeling worried bout skoolwork aha. i hope me n all of my colleagues will pass this semester 2. Amin.. ^^.