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Saturday, August 29, 2009

masuk lubang

Black hole haha!

I was in shocked! Yesterday, me n my fren udin was on the way went to Sengkurong. Then it was jam nearby jln lugu area because there were construction activity carried out. When we reached at the construction side area, the car in front of us was almost hard to moving, because something wrong with the road surface which make their rear tyre difficult to moved ahed. The road surface was after an excavation work so it was not in stable state yet. Then with more effort that car finally manage to pulled out. Then our turned to move when suddenly, poof! a sound of wrecked, I didn't know what exactly was happening until i went out and see there was a circle of big hole just appeared and our right tyre was stucked in it. Then the workers and their fore man quickly push our car to pull it out. Sigh, what a day! The contractor can be sued for this! It is because of their activity which can caused harm to the public. My fren Ony on the way to sengkurong too and saw us here so she dropped by haha. The jam grew as one lane close now. Then udin have to settle this issue with the workers and asked their bos for repairment. The company should be responsible for what have happened and they should improved more on their safety perfomance for their own people and the public concern! Im glad we didnt get injured.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hahahhahah, ahak , ahak oo God 'The proposal' yea Im talking about the movie, I watched this last night wif my frens its was freakin funny. Sandra Bullock man she always good in comedy luv when she acting.