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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

[updating blog system]

"Its been week havent updated my blog. what ive been doing this several weekend. well last saturday i was attending sport day which was held at brakas complex. unexpectedly and unwillingly i participated this 800m running track aha since nobody else wud like to represent for our team. i mean watever my tiny heart say i cud do this. when the race started i was sprinting very fast at first i noe i shudnt do it coz it wud make me tired so soon which was true on 2nd round im gettin slow and one gurl overtook me which made me second place. then again another girl almost overtook me but it didnt happen i give my last energy to end the race even tho i noe im reaching my fatique level but to hell with it haha. so i end up second place. ah burn dude!i dun want to particate long distance track ever again."

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