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Sunday, August 24, 2008

[sport day]

my achievement during sport day were winning two events of 200m n 800 m running track. which was held last week n olso final day today. it was awesome. even tho it such a hot day but i feel worth winning the race event=)

mua bangga.

both silver medals.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Its friday..

Wake up at 10 am. my parent were goin out. out of somewhere. i was owes being left out evry morning of weekend haha coz i wake up late.ok then i took my bath,i went in the living room, switch on tv and watch cinemax. minute later i heard honk of car outside. it was my dad's fren. well asking me where was my dad. i said dunno. so he asked me to call my dad. which i did call n i know where were they now, at huaho bunut. then i told my dad's fren where they were. so he said he'll come back later. ok enuf of that. the thing is im hungry at that time. aha. im waitin for my parent to bring me food. so they did brought me food when they arrive home. so after that i cleaned up my messy room. i checked out my drawer i got this plenty of used easi card. i wonder wat shud i do to it. so i got this idea to stick it all to my door. haha my dad said ' stop ruining your room' but i dun care coz it look nice to me. after finished cleaning up. i sat down in front of my laptop n check out my fs n blog so here i am writing my routine. ok till now. later i'll just waste my time watchin dvd n other stuff =D.

"Look at all of the card i've stick gagag. right now

it still quarter part finished. soon i'll covered it all

just needing more card.xD"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

[i hate traffic jam in d morning]

on the way skool today ada tia accident g. kimak banar. i oready late baaa. i noe its my fault jua. aher g bgn huahuahua. its typical me. whus to blame. bed ku tu luan comfort chittt eh. n ya regarding d accident. actually the car oredy move to the side but most of other drivers were slowing down tryna watch wat had hapenin. at 8.15 im still at highway near empire. so i was late for computer class. just wishiinn for gud things happen along this weekend. really do. coz i feel very tired lately..i mean all the rush ive been facing. haha.

[panat adakah i forgot]

"haha ya regarding d topic i mention above. ok where am i dat day. uh ya it was yesterday n it was monday haha. what happen at skool. in the morning i was jus duing fine, like study with my boring mood as usual. then we ended our class like around 9.30. yeh its early i noe. so just hang out for while at class. killing d time b4 lunch break. talkin shit wif my frens. so it lunch time now,i went to have lunch with my ubdian fren. after that i meet my bestfren d gdg rah incomm. saja2 just killing d time coz pikir ku afternoon classku 2.30. which was not!haha fuckin not! then time tu still 2.00 pm la. my bestfwens said 'bah come wit us ke giant g' then i was like 'why not'. huahua. then at 2.20 i was ready to go bek school. aheading to lecture room. i feel so blurr watching most students just went out from room. n still i tot oh yeah must be class cancel haha. but then i asked my classmate wats up wif that. haha daym d class actually 1.30 pm it was just finishhhhh hahaha shootttt mehhh! lau ku tau jln2 ku lagi!! panat tah bnar nda menchek bah jadual ah. atau aku liat jadual tu pakai my ass kali. lol!"

[updating blog system]

"Its been week havent updated my blog. what ive been doing this several weekend. well last saturday i was attending sport day which was held at brakas complex. unexpectedly and unwillingly i participated this 800m running track aha since nobody else wud like to represent for our team. i mean watever my tiny heart say i cud do this. when the race started i was sprinting very fast at first i noe i shudnt do it coz it wud make me tired so soon which was true on 2nd round im gettin slow and one gurl overtook me which made me second place. then again another girl almost overtook me but it didnt happen i give my last energy to end the race even tho i noe im reaching my fatique level but to hell with it haha. so i end up second place. ah burn dude!i dun want to particate long distance track ever again."

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wat i do in skoo today.

Ooo~its kind of hot. doin surveying at the back of our campus. but yet its fun and it is a way to understand the things practically rather than only just theory. as part of member of my group. i must able to work among my colleague. n since our pratical end today. so our lecturer now ask us to produce report based on our work. aha. toink~im getin lazzyy tho. uh. but have to do la. haish.

Monday, August 4, 2008

^^ i turn 21

heee, now 21 years old. this yr i didnt clebrate bday. simply no budget lol. things dat keep d spirit of my birth day is d best greet from all my fellow frens. i have been alert from 12 am haha. coz those sms got me wake up at midnight. the 1st one from my own cuzzie. the next is all from my bestfrens & others till 12. 15 am so no more greets aha continue sleepin. then next mornin again another sms greet, plus at skoo my colleague. as matter fact this is wat i like to see. i want those sincere blessing. which i really appreciate it for remembering me. aha guys thx alot. unexpectedly my fren azi itbian mate put secretly prezie in my bag haha. thats wat i call surprise coz i am at that time. again thx. back home not forgettin my mom saying its my birthday thats she always been remembering. then msn-ing,fs-ing n leave message in my blog n replying messages to all those sweet ppl dat hav remember today! aight. peace!

Friday, August 1, 2008


ok i have to wake up at 8am today. becoz my dad n i have to meet d car seller at kiulap. i use to noe the seller coz its my fren bos. my dad use to reluctant at 1st for this meeting. becoz he tink that im rushing in choosing car. but yet we never been checking any car since i sold my car. its like 4 months no improvement in searching car. so im insist my dad to give chance to look up for this car. well as always i have to listen to all his free lecture n advice. but this is my decision. so the meeting was all gud. the car is not bad actually. only appearance and some damage. but we plan to fix that in future. so tru negotiation my dad agree to let me buy. i guess tomorrow i m goin to pay. ahak. finally. my mind is free from keep tinkin 'when im gonna have car?' no wonder i feel relieve. so back home. i continue my sleepin.