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Monday, December 29, 2008

how was my trip??xD

Ok im just gonna explain my trip briefly coz im so tired today, just got back from kk. haha. Ok it started on 27, early morning i wake up around 6a.m. On arrival to kk, we need to get to our booked hotel so that we cud put our stuff first. After that we have to accompanied my cuz to find his hotel because we dun stay in the same hotel. Our other families arrived at night time because they started their journey bit late from us. I went with my dad, bro and cuz in the early morning. On the 27th, theres no time to shop so just rest because its late olready. On 28th i woke up early to follow my bro went to Mt. Kinabalu. It was long journey from our hotel. On the arrival there we just wandered around in the park, it was cold haha, i feel like this mountain having an aircon. i mean the breeze it as cold as aircon. After that on lunch hour we got back to hotel to rest and only after that i went shoping. 1 borneo is really interesting mall. I went down to this mall many time coz our hotel just above it haha so it easy loo. on haha since i made out a video during the trip, i think its fair enuf to keep it as our memorable moment other than tiring myself typing too much.ayt!

This was the hotel we stayed in, called Tune hotel. It was comfortable although room is not really that big but the cleanliness and facilities are great. This hotel are attach with 1borneo mall thats why we choose to stay here so that its easy to go shopping. I could not really sleep early during the night tyme, i used to watch the city from the windows it was nice scenery. It makes me feel far from Brunei that i miss my hometown aha! balum, g jauh.

And this were things i bought, I did not buy a lot of stuff because most of the goods were kinda pricey in this mall and i only have little cash so i just bought things that i really2 want. Like contact lense, cloths and da vinci code book.

huhu i luv perky brown lens, I found it cheap here fresh kon only RM 38. I used to wear fresh look brand many times before, so this time i planned to collect variations of fresh kon.

Friday, December 26, 2008

[packing packing]

i feel tired today, coz last nyt i hang out wif my fren. Today i gotta put my stuff ready for our family trip to kk for 2 nights, sigh..hope i m gonna enjoy this. i can imagine oredy like last year, spending so many hours on the wheel. such a long journey. bt hey its holiday so atleast there is thing to do, ok till now. have to take my bath. aha im always such a lazybone.

Monday, December 22, 2008

[hang out at mall]

Stuff dat we do today, i, lim & fillah went to gdg. just to chill out. N meet our other fren vin ther. First eatin ice cream at snow house, which was awesome, lov the soft ice cream. Next went into the mall, just window shopping. After that went to kdai komunis, i bought 'barely legal' a great movie almost like american pie type aha. i am still tryin to figure out am i such a perv??haha why i like this kinda shit sex adult comedy, but watever, its still funy. but then we got hungry so went to gdg properties to fill up the hunger. And we finally decide to go home around 6.30 pm.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

[went to kiulap]

..was tired after went to school meeting my cs tutor. got back home at 12.00+ pm. its lunch time. im hungry so as usual filling up empty stomach coz i hadnt eat break fast in the morning. While was resting my self. my fren udin text me up, he want me accompany him to buy lil britain dvd. so since nothin much to do at home, i agree to go. We first checked tru kadai komunis but abis dah, then baru ke qlap luckily ada d sana. so he bought it, i had nothin to buy. actually wanna buy disaster movie, lum jua tarang2 nya ahha. Only after that we went home since there was no other plan. The day also raining its makes me wanna stay home as much as possible bcos its chillinn~

Monday, December 15, 2008

[went to gdg]

Today went to gdg wit my fren lim. We were checking out at car agency coz lim want to buy new car. So we surveyed tru mazda,mitsubishi,suzuki,honda and toyota agency. aha it was a hot day. so after that we went lunch at mall. coz im so starving. n then we went shopping. the whole day i felt kind of headache maybe because of the heat. Then went home around 6.30 pm.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

[Buying a story book]

The book cost me $23.80, well funny uh. story book? you'll find it rarely for me to buy a book. but its like my new hobby now. This book called ' eclipse'. There is reason why I bought this book. Its a continuation of the Twilight story, it just that this in the form of reading. After watching the movie it just made me wanting more to know what is next.. this is the third book anyway, the second book is New Moon but sold out, so out of luck i guess. I bet its good thing for me to read story book during this holiday to fill out whenever i get bored right.=)

[pantai n santai]

Driving to beach....arrive at pntai brakas at around 10am. My classmates and I were on picnic, stress out after weekend of exam. yea food was ready, n started eatin, then play guitar plus singing together wit fren Out Loud haha. forget ppl around us. then went down to the beach, walkin around and play balls. plus we covered our fren hasrin wif sand haha. i dun have the picture to post neway, coz i dun bring camera. but i'll get those pictures soon at khai or fydah. n yea at 2.00 pm i accompany khai to mall. then went back to beach at 6pm to pick my car, everything great. we r having fun. ^^

Friday, December 12, 2008

[two thumbs up for twilight movie xD]

ooo was last night i watch this movie called twilight, i've been waiting it for so long. I almost not going to watch last night coz the show on 7.30pm is fullly book. but then i told my fren then he booked for the 9.30pm show. the row is the 3rd row from the front. haha i mean ok shoot it. dun care la coz its my fav. movie the vampirical stuff. so i went to my fren house first, i pick one of my fren. then two of us pick our other fren at gdg. so there three of us. arrive ther oh well so many ppl. then goin to cinema one haha. big screen plus sitting on 3rd row from the front. but the movie nice. so it went well. no regret. majority its like vampire love story. different from queen of d damned. i got to see twilight continuation. coz i noe its from the book. theres got to be continuation.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

[yehuu freedom at last]

its really been a while, i did not got a chance to update my blog, frensters and any other stuff, coz exam week. so yesterday it end up, i feel really2 relief. I wit my classmates went directly after exam for lunch, then facial, to stress out ha ha. yea this is holiday now, i yearn it for so long. I will try my best in updating things in my life, like hang out wif fren dat i used to, like b4, spend time wit family n the important thing is to get better sleep xD.