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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My indusrial attachment was starting yesterday. At 8 am, i was reporting in BSP Headquarter at Seria which was condcted by the Recruitment adviser Ms Arianty. This was done together with other ITB students of various courses background. As for my courses I was transferred to more far place which was at other branch of BSP called Sutera Biru in KB. This is due to its exposure more in handling construction activity. Sigh~ I was really freaking tired going foward and back on every of my working day. If i was to switch place there will be lot of procedure to be done then, so lets just fuck this. It was not that bad probably if I get used to. Im taking it in positive way like saying to myself "experience is something u can't buy" haha. ok enuf watever it is Im still here~.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Lunch time, i know today was hot day. My fren text me.. asking if i want to join fishing. I agreed, since the place was not far from mine the Tutong town. I have no plan this afternoon so it is good time to go out. I borrow my fren fishing rod coz i dont own one. We went fishing for 3 hours but no fish is caught today. No luck ey maybe next time.

Monday, July 20, 2009

BBq at pntai muara

Kita santai2 \m/ CEM24 \m/

BBQ at Pntai Muara today, I woke up at 9.30 am, but i still felt so daym sleepy so i continued my sleeping and snoozed my alarm. Only at 11.oo am i woke up again. If it wasnt for the Bbq with my classmates i didnt think im going to come with this condition. But no time shud be waste coz its gonna be fun. I cleaned my self and im ready to go at 12. 30 pm aha its late what a promise im suppose to be at the beach by 11 am. Then arrived there at 1 pm, most of my fren olready there, so i was eating what they have been cooked. We just chilled, playing guitar, cards and balls. It was nice and fun everyone having gud time. The great thing was when i was so excited during playing card 'Big 2 game' wif my frens haha, i have not lose the game in a row. haha. Thanks to our bbq leader mr hasrin n to all the planner. We shud do this next time again~cheers xD

Friday, July 17, 2009


Last night watching harry potter half blood prince, aha a very long story bout 2 hr + i think, i went wit jongy n lif, it was ok but not so into hp neway haha. especially if the scenery is too much of talking, n im not so fan of those wizard stuff, ridiculous but no offence it was just a fantasy story.

Monday, July 13, 2009

fried chicken

Today, i wake up at 11 am. Straightaway i took my bath coz i have to fetch my nephew from school later. Then started the engine and fetch my nephew. After that we went to the market to buy some foods. Then went back home. At 1 pm, I went again to library Sengkurong coz i need to teach my fren Rani surveying. At 3 + we were done. Before i went back home I buy chicken wings for half kilo at the market becoz i was planning to make a fried chicken. Arrived home, i clean the chicken and added with several ingredients. Then poof! look at my fried chicken. Daym taste good. XDDDDDd

Ingredients to be mixed with the chicken:

1 kilo chicken wing(half kilo can olso just make some adjustment to ingredients added)
2 sudu kunyit
2 sudu serbuk ketumbar
1/2 sudu jintan
2 sudu halia d tumbuk
2 sudu bawang putih d tumbuk
garam secukup rasa

Then roll this mixed chicken on Rice Flour

Then deep fried!

Monday, July 6, 2009

training at Istana

I was doing my job training today at Istana. There were a lot of applicants and i never tot i wud met my classmates nub n azam here haha, what a coincidenced.The training is about a proper way to serve a guest for the coming function of our Majesty Birthday. The function has not been confirmed yet due to certain circumstances of H1n1 epidemics. This training is only carried for today and they will called us again if they need us to work during the function. I felt so tired after the training but it was really great to experience all this kind of training. It has awknowledge me on something that i don't know. For example, folding a napkin into fashionable way haha. Take a look of my work of art through folding napkin below. xD

Aint it lovely =)

Friday, July 3, 2009

ice age!

huuuhuhhuh, haha, fuh! this movie is awesome, u guys shud watch it. So darn funny, i laugh hard by watching it. xDDDD