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Saturday, November 15, 2008

[blajar n jln2]

ho ho ho, today went to itb, blajar sendiri2 dengan my clasmat, tpi lain kejadiannya, kmi membuang masa dengan bermain guitar, pastu jln ke giant jap bali makanan, then smbung study sikit, hyper sorg2 ,ha ha, so lastly kmi ke gerai gadong bli makanan, then bawa ke taman jubli mkn sana. haha haish wat a typical study group. but overall this just relieve our stress a bit, coz exam is comin wawaawaa.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

[saturday chillin]

uhh yaa, been stress out lately wit many assignment, what else to do, got to chill man, stress out ya know, so yesterday after went to school in the morning i went to the mall with my two bessfwen, we had our lunch at kfc, then we went to the face shop, i buy a facial mask, ha ha, and then we got this awesome idea to watch movie, the movie called the coffin err...yea its a ghost story, i got shocked watchin d movie while im eatin popcorn, dat movie really burn me. haha. n soo went back home at 5.30 pm. i cleaned my self then went sleep , aha i noe its early but i got tired. so i wake up again at 7, at 9pm i went out to kilanas, my fren called me for barbeque, when i arrived there, just chillin wit my fren eatin n play some games aha gambling, but then we got bored so at around 12 we went to 24 hr shop at sengkurong to buy a snack, we bring this food to jp beach, sitting there, n eatin those snack, just relaxing watchin the beautiful star.^^...n thennn i got back home at 2am woo so late ah, i got so tired, n directly went to my bed. n today i wake up at 1.30 pm thinkin my daym assignment again. aiya!