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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Im starting my new job again since I quit from my previous one. This one will be temporary. In the moment, I have is a bit free time that is why I updated my blog while waiting for another task. Currently just answer phone call which come up randomly. Around end of january I will quit from this company because I am going to further my study at Perth Australia. Taking my degree in Construction Eng. Management & Economics at Curtin .

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Make money through adsense

Now that I try to figure out way to make money through online. I am sure lot of people been using 'Google Adsense'. If you have own website such as your blog you can sign up for google adsense account first then just put the ads in your website. This is what I am experimenting now. I am still in blurry mode to understand the concept and I do hope some people out there who is expert on google adsense can guide me through. Comment via my blog to share your thought. Thank you! lets try google adsense to earn some money.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Coming graduation

My graduation day almost coming, the rehearsal will be on 23rd and 24th and the graduation day is on 25th may. The graduation dinner will be on 27th may. I got to be ready for this big event!

Bought touchscreen phone

I have bought my first touch screen mobile phone. HTC wildfire. What can say about this phone is nice in design but have poor pixel for the application menu. Of course because currently it is the only cheapest htc among other htc model. I still like it because im not really a heavy gamer. As long as I can text and call and play with some photo application it is good enough to me. Just for reminder it does not support Angry bird game, totally lag. This happen to mostly adventure game. For puzzle game, board and other small bytes it should work fine. But yea I love this phone anyway.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Resign from work

Finally filing my resignation from my tiring work. Writting a letter for 1 month notice to my company, then may I will end my job. I want to rest for a while. My graduation day also will be coming. I will find again another suitable job for me.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Only sunday I think I am free to update my blog, sometime even forget to log in every sunday, hoho. I have been tired from working lately. Too many overtime at night time. But I still can manage to hold on. Although sometime sigh. But got to keep up. What is coming up this weekend I will update more. Currently, today I supposed to go to the beach because Jbu our office helding this outing event barbeque. aha i missed it, coz i wake up at 3 pm today. and i am really sleepy all i want is rest now. tomorrow work again. Monday oh no~~~.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Currently i am working now at Qs firm. I am planning to further my study as well. So this weekend I need to go to education service centre to apply for the degree course. Then I must apply for Moe scholarship through hecas. There will be so many thing I need to encounter on this further study issue. I must took permission then to leave my office. Wish me luck~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Interview on going

The job interview have been on going along my weekend. I hope I get the suitable temporary job as currently jobless as may seem. Tomorrow another interview at DLS construction company, just hope this going to be a better one. It seem like previous interview does not show the possibility of getting the job, aha I think. Sigh~But I won't give up. ^^

cooking soup

I have tried cooking mushroom soup today. It turn out to be awesome taste. All you need to buy is mushroom packet and can of button mushroom. Boil the water in the cooking pan and just pour the mushroom powder with cut button mushroom.