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Thursday, July 31, 2008


whats today. umm thursday. so far..along this weekend. quite blurr to get along with class learning procedure. its like we got in diff lecture room over n over again. try to remember evry each room.. and then got free period again. which i like aha. its really diff from the way i learn at prev. skoo before. n yet trying to understand what our lecture teaching us. uh yea i got no much interest to study. i get bored easily. all im thinking is sleep,money and gud food. haha. but duh i realise that i must still focus in learning. i want to get gud grade. other than that my mind keep thinking bout having a car. coz i havent find the right one yet. im not a patient person. yeh thats me. ^^ so i was like threatening my parent that i wont go school if they dun find me car by this october. ah man im such spoil brat. another thing. today i told the student welfare officer that i wanted to withdraw the application of living at hostel. coz it might cost lot of money spending. im pretty sure bout this. so its d best i make those decision. =D

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