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Monday, August 4, 2008

^^ i turn 21

heee, now 21 years old. this yr i didnt clebrate bday. simply no budget lol. things dat keep d spirit of my birth day is d best greet from all my fellow frens. i have been alert from 12 am haha. coz those sms got me wake up at midnight. the 1st one from my own cuzzie. the next is all from my bestfrens & others till 12. 15 am so no more greets aha continue sleepin. then next mornin again another sms greet, plus at skoo my colleague. as matter fact this is wat i like to see. i want those sincere blessing. which i really appreciate it for remembering me. aha guys thx alot. unexpectedly my fren azi itbian mate put secretly prezie in my bag haha. thats wat i call surprise coz i am at that time. again thx. back home not forgettin my mom saying its my birthday thats she always been remembering. then msn-ing,fs-ing n leave message in my blog n replying messages to all those sweet ppl dat hav remember today! aight. peace!

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