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Friday, January 30, 2009

whole lotta things~

oh yea. morning, i got appointment, so went from home at 7.30 am i noe its late oredy, my appointment is 9 am for dental check at airport lama. but since i forgot my hp i have to turn back taking my hp ahaa sigh* im glad im only halfway. and then after i got my hp im on my way back again.. till i arrived at 8.30 am at the clinic, so i ran quickly to the registration n so it went well. Im done there till 10.45 am, after dat i have to take my packages at post office, i got my led zeppellin tshirt! huhu i bought it from ebay.

See take a look. Led zeppellin, tour 1975=)

Then 4get bout this, after took my packages, i went to swimming pool Angerek desa, my classmates plan for swimming, so i joining in. i went swimming from 12pm till 4pm haha sunburn! n after dat i went home.

Back home i clean my self, but my fren frm lmbak just message, wondering if i wanna join hang out at coffeezone qlap, i noe im tired, but i think its better than being bored, so i agreed, i took off from home at 7.45pm n arrive at cz at 8.30 pm. haha what a tiring fun day!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Today is chinese new year, went to my fren house leng, for cny. n after dat .. yea here i am at wywy tutong jus chilling wif my fren, coz tomorrow is gonna be the starting day of my school ahh daym. I dun feel want to haha. but wat to do.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

[The Dentist]

I woke up at 6.30am, i heard my alarm, but then i went sleep again... coz im so fuckin sleepy. But i noe today i gotta to go to the dentist.. man my teeth need a filling, it hurts when i chewed food. So i finally woke up at 7, took bath and did other necessary thing and went to hospital. There i have to que again for registration from 8.30 to 9.45. After that waiting turn, till my name only call at 10.45, haish so daym tired for this waiting. hungry as well. The dentist said there were 5 of my tooth altogether need to be done for filling aha what a harsh. but she only did today two of my tooth and asked me to come again to proceed further. Its painful, everytime the grind tools was grinding my tooth, i wish it cud just end fast. Maybe i'll see again on this saturday, yeah come to think bout it, it'll be easier since im still on my holiday.