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Monday, March 9, 2009

[X-ray of my teeth]

Ooo wow.. so this is the arrangement of my teeth look like. You guys see, here is the thing, I have made a lot of appointment with the dentist previously. This is because i have gum problem such that my gum tend to bleed easily. So yesterday my doctor asked me to get an xray, but actually im being xray also before so this was my 2nd times oredy. Heh the consequences is that frequent xray is dangerous. I was told that i need another xray coz she want another clear view of teeth. So check out the picture, the negative of my teeth. huhu

Sunday, March 8, 2009

what i was watchin lately..

I need to find somethin to relief my stresses, coz i had just been through with my phase test 1. There will be 2 more subjects to go before my holiday, darn man im lookin forward for that. So i guess watchin' dvd cud loose some of my tension instead of goin out coz im such a spender n i dun want it to happen haha. There is this movie called ' Role Model' it is really an awesome movie, i bought it just by looking the cover and i know my fav. character sean william on it, so game on. So u guys better watch, well its not that really unrated, mostly it is really funny action. Go buy n enjoy!

Movie Review:

Role Models is a comedy about two loser-slacker- underachievers (they hawk energy drinks at public schools — 'nuff said) who get arrested for crashing a truck and then sentenced to 150 hours of community service. Each of them has to play big brother to a kid with major adjustment problems, and if you hear that and think, ''Isn't this a remake of some maximally dumb comedy from the 1980s?'' you’d be justified. The fun of Role Models is that it's a high-concept movie executed with speed and finesse and the kind of brusquely tossed-off obscene banter that can get you laughing before you know what hit you. The fish-out-of-water setup may be claptrap, but the movie feels loose, shaggy, and improv-y. Especially after Danny (Paul Rudd), a 35-year-old mope who sounds as if his soul has been burnt to a crisp, and Wheeler (Seann William Scott), a skirt chaser without a single mean bone in his body, arrive at the Sturdy Wings mentorship center and discover that trying to actually, you know, relate to a kid is their own special brand of hell.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

beli bmobile 99=)

yea got new line n new hp, this huawei bmobile hp look nice plus i like flip phone so i made my mind to buy it. ^^ chek out below .

well designed keypad area

mirror type suface, brown color