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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

[panat adakah i forgot]

"haha ya regarding d topic i mention above. ok where am i dat day. uh ya it was yesterday n it was monday haha. what happen at skool. in the morning i was jus duing fine, like study with my boring mood as usual. then we ended our class like around 9.30. yeh its early i noe. so just hang out for while at class. killing d time b4 lunch break. talkin shit wif my frens. so it lunch time now,i went to have lunch with my ubdian fren. after that i meet my bestfren d gdg rah incomm. saja2 just killing d time coz pikir ku afternoon classku 2.30. which was not!haha fuckin not! then time tu still 2.00 pm la. my bestfwens said 'bah come wit us ke giant g' then i was like 'why not'. huahua. then at 2.20 i was ready to go bek school. aheading to lecture room. i feel so blurr watching most students just went out from room. n still i tot oh yeah must be class cancel haha. but then i asked my classmate wats up wif that. haha daym d class actually 1.30 pm it was just finishhhhh hahaha shootttt mehhh! lau ku tau jln2 ku lagi!! panat tah bnar nda menchek bah jadual ah. atau aku liat jadual tu pakai my ass kali. lol!"

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