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Friday, August 22, 2008

Its friday..

Wake up at 10 am. my parent were goin out. out of somewhere. i was owes being left out evry morning of weekend haha coz i wake up late.ok then i took my bath,i went in the living room, switch on tv and watch cinemax. minute later i heard honk of car outside. it was my dad's fren. well asking me where was my dad. i said dunno. so he asked me to call my dad. which i did call n i know where were they now, at huaho bunut. then i told my dad's fren where they were. so he said he'll come back later. ok enuf of that. the thing is im hungry at that time. aha. im waitin for my parent to bring me food. so they did brought me food when they arrive home. so after that i cleaned up my messy room. i checked out my drawer i got this plenty of used easi card. i wonder wat shud i do to it. so i got this idea to stick it all to my door. haha my dad said ' stop ruining your room' but i dun care coz it look nice to me. after finished cleaning up. i sat down in front of my laptop n check out my fs n blog so here i am writing my routine. ok till now. later i'll just waste my time watchin dvd n other stuff =D.

"Look at all of the card i've stick gagag. right now

it still quarter part finished. soon i'll covered it all

just needing more card.xD"

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