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Monday, June 28, 2010

Urg kawin

Last two day, at my fren's sister wedding. Its asrul's sister wedding. Very beautiful ceremony. I went there with decy n our other frens. There was this one time that we were ask to dance poco2 dance in front of many peoples haha. well just shoot it. I dun even noe wat the step. We really enjoy our day. During the night ceremony, we were attending to Anggerek hotel. The food was great and we watch people perfoming some song. By the end of the ceremony wedding cake was given to us. Great wedding. =)

De Royalle

chocolate milkshake wit d fries

June 28th. Last friday, was planning to go for a badminton wit jong n vin. But then we cancel it coz we could tell that badminton court might be fully booked. So I hang out at Jong place instead. Around 6pm, dinner at mall fud court. Then around 11pm went to De Royalled, just surfing and watching worldcup.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Okayy guys. I have not updating my blog for the last 2 and half week olredy. So I guess i just summarizing them haha. Let me do this by listing them out.

What did I do for the last 2 and half weeks. Approximately haha;

-Bring my project team to public authority making some research for our project
-Went to school see my supervisor mr.felix regarding project again
-Exercising; badminton at pusat belia, ibb takaful, serembangun tutong.
-Lepak-ing at fren house
-Dating wit bf
-Relaxing at home; fb-ing, sleeping, liat bula, eating when hungry etc...
-What im so stress about; researching my project haiyaaaa. haha.

That;s all for now peeps.... so lazy