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Monday, July 6, 2009

training at Istana

I was doing my job training today at Istana. There were a lot of applicants and i never tot i wud met my classmates nub n azam here haha, what a coincidenced.The training is about a proper way to serve a guest for the coming function of our Majesty Birthday. The function has not been confirmed yet due to certain circumstances of H1n1 epidemics. This training is only carried for today and they will called us again if they need us to work during the function. I felt so tired after the training but it was really great to experience all this kind of training. It has awknowledge me on something that i don't know. For example, folding a napkin into fashionable way haha. Take a look of my work of art through folding napkin below. xD

Aint it lovely =)

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