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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My indusrial attachment was starting yesterday. At 8 am, i was reporting in BSP Headquarter at Seria which was condcted by the Recruitment adviser Ms Arianty. This was done together with other ITB students of various courses background. As for my courses I was transferred to more far place which was at other branch of BSP called Sutera Biru in KB. This is due to its exposure more in handling construction activity. Sigh~ I was really freaking tired going foward and back on every of my working day. If i was to switch place there will be lot of procedure to be done then, so lets just fuck this. It was not that bad probably if I get used to. Im taking it in positive way like saying to myself "experience is something u can't buy" haha. ok enuf watever it is Im still here~.

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