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Monday, July 13, 2009

fried chicken

Today, i wake up at 11 am. Straightaway i took my bath coz i have to fetch my nephew from school later. Then started the engine and fetch my nephew. After that we went to the market to buy some foods. Then went back home. At 1 pm, I went again to library Sengkurong coz i need to teach my fren Rani surveying. At 3 + we were done. Before i went back home I buy chicken wings for half kilo at the market becoz i was planning to make a fried chicken. Arrived home, i clean the chicken and added with several ingredients. Then poof! look at my fried chicken. Daym taste good. XDDDDDd

Ingredients to be mixed with the chicken:

1 kilo chicken wing(half kilo can olso just make some adjustment to ingredients added)
2 sudu kunyit
2 sudu serbuk ketumbar
1/2 sudu jintan
2 sudu halia d tumbuk
2 sudu bawang putih d tumbuk
garam secukup rasa

Then roll this mixed chicken on Rice Flour

Then deep fried!

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