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Monday, July 20, 2009

BBq at pntai muara

Kita santai2 \m/ CEM24 \m/

BBQ at Pntai Muara today, I woke up at 9.30 am, but i still felt so daym sleepy so i continued my sleeping and snoozed my alarm. Only at 11.oo am i woke up again. If it wasnt for the Bbq with my classmates i didnt think im going to come with this condition. But no time shud be waste coz its gonna be fun. I cleaned my self and im ready to go at 12. 30 pm aha its late what a promise im suppose to be at the beach by 11 am. Then arrived there at 1 pm, most of my fren olready there, so i was eating what they have been cooked. We just chilled, playing guitar, cards and balls. It was nice and fun everyone having gud time. The great thing was when i was so excited during playing card 'Big 2 game' wif my frens haha, i have not lose the game in a row. haha. Thanks to our bbq leader mr hasrin n to all the planner. We shud do this next time again~cheers xD

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