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Monday, December 29, 2008

how was my trip??xD

Ok im just gonna explain my trip briefly coz im so tired today, just got back from kk. haha. Ok it started on 27, early morning i wake up around 6a.m. On arrival to kk, we need to get to our booked hotel so that we cud put our stuff first. After that we have to accompanied my cuz to find his hotel because we dun stay in the same hotel. Our other families arrived at night time because they started their journey bit late from us. I went with my dad, bro and cuz in the early morning. On the 27th, theres no time to shop so just rest because its late olready. On 28th i woke up early to follow my bro went to Mt. Kinabalu. It was long journey from our hotel. On the arrival there we just wandered around in the park, it was cold haha, i feel like this mountain having an aircon. i mean the breeze it as cold as aircon. After that on lunch hour we got back to hotel to rest and only after that i went shoping. 1 borneo is really interesting mall. I went down to this mall many time coz our hotel just above it haha so it easy loo. on haha since i made out a video during the trip, i think its fair enuf to keep it as our memorable moment other than tiring myself typing too much.ayt!

This was the hotel we stayed in, called Tune hotel. It was comfortable although room is not really that big but the cleanliness and facilities are great. This hotel are attach with 1borneo mall thats why we choose to stay here so that its easy to go shopping. I could not really sleep early during the night tyme, i used to watch the city from the windows it was nice scenery. It makes me feel far from Brunei that i miss my hometown aha! balum, g jauh.

And this were things i bought, I did not buy a lot of stuff because most of the goods were kinda pricey in this mall and i only have little cash so i just bought things that i really2 want. Like contact lense, cloths and da vinci code book.

huhu i luv perky brown lens, I found it cheap here fresh kon only RM 38. I used to wear fresh look brand many times before, so this time i planned to collect variations of fresh kon.

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