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Friday, December 12, 2008

[two thumbs up for twilight movie xD]

ooo was last night i watch this movie called twilight, i've been waiting it for so long. I almost not going to watch last night coz the show on 7.30pm is fullly book. but then i told my fren then he booked for the 9.30pm show. the row is the 3rd row from the front. haha i mean ok shoot it. dun care la coz its my fav. movie the vampirical stuff. so i went to my fren house first, i pick one of my fren. then two of us pick our other fren at gdg. so there three of us. arrive ther oh well so many ppl. then goin to cinema one haha. big screen plus sitting on 3rd row from the front. but the movie nice. so it went well. no regret. majority its like vampire love story. different from queen of d damned. i got to see twilight continuation. coz i noe its from the book. theres got to be continuation.

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