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Saturday, December 20, 2008

[went to kiulap]

..was tired after went to school meeting my cs tutor. got back home at 12.00+ pm. its lunch time. im hungry so as usual filling up empty stomach coz i hadnt eat break fast in the morning. While was resting my self. my fren udin text me up, he want me accompany him to buy lil britain dvd. so since nothin much to do at home, i agree to go. We first checked tru kadai komunis but abis dah, then baru ke qlap luckily ada d sana. so he bought it, i had nothin to buy. actually wanna buy disaster movie, lum jua tarang2 nya ahha. Only after that we went home since there was no other plan. The day also raining its makes me wanna stay home as much as possible bcos its chillinn~

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