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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

yeh got it

I called the mall cineplex at 11.30 am today coz im afraid the reservation will be fully booked. I tried many time, coz the line seem to be bz. I guess it was the other customers who was also starting to book. Man, i got to watch this awesome movie Transformer 2. Then finally i managed to break through the line, so i made reservation for me n my friends. The cineplex staff said the ticket must be collected today, so i have no choice but to drive to mall and get it. My fren vin accompany me. So arrived there, I asked if i cud change the sit to a more farther from the screen, but they only managed to give the G row, well atleast it was not very close haha. yea tomorow gonna watch em!
I got it sucker!

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