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Monday, June 29, 2009

watch blood the last vampire.

Have to wake at 9.00 am coz i want to meet my common skill tutor at skool. Arrived there, i picked my assignment report from my fren, then went to the staffroom. Too bad, my tutor was on leaved and she will only be back on 16 july. So i went back to my friend downstair. My friend were planning to watch movie. I dunno no yet what to watch coz i didnt noe they plan to watch movie. Plus i must get back home atleast around 1.30 pm. At that time, it was around 11 am. Hmmm.. i wonder can i catch up all my scheduled. Aha but it was free ticket which is sponsored by hsbc and only valid till tomorrow, so i cant resist this so i just join them.

Arrived at mall, straightly checking the cinema show time. Im glad there r show at 11.30am so we choosed that show. The movie we watched is blood the last vampire. Hmm this is not great idea, i hate blood stuff. But have no choice, other movie is transformer which i already watch. Blood, i just rate it 5/10, as i said i hate all this blood stuff, but the action was okey.

After watching movie i need to rush back home, so i just left my clasmates bit early. I need to bring my nephew to the clinic nearby for kid's food survey. Im tired aha, but everything done. ngeh3.

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