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Friday, January 30, 2009

whole lotta things~

oh yea. morning, i got appointment, so went from home at 7.30 am i noe its late oredy, my appointment is 9 am for dental check at airport lama. but since i forgot my hp i have to turn back taking my hp ahaa sigh* im glad im only halfway. and then after i got my hp im on my way back again.. till i arrived at 8.30 am at the clinic, so i ran quickly to the registration n so it went well. Im done there till 10.45 am, after dat i have to take my packages at post office, i got my led zeppellin tshirt! huhu i bought it from ebay.

See take a look. Led zeppellin, tour 1975=)

Then 4get bout this, after took my packages, i went to swimming pool Angerek desa, my classmates plan for swimming, so i joining in. i went swimming from 12pm till 4pm haha sunburn! n after dat i went home.

Back home i clean my self, but my fren frm lmbak just message, wondering if i wanna join hang out at coffeezone qlap, i noe im tired, but i think its better than being bored, so i agreed, i took off from home at 7.45pm n arrive at cz at 8.30 pm. haha what a tiring fun day!

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