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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Okayy guys. I have not updating my blog for the last 2 and half week olredy. So I guess i just summarizing them haha. Let me do this by listing them out.

What did I do for the last 2 and half weeks. Approximately haha;

-Bring my project team to public authority making some research for our project
-Went to school see my supervisor mr.felix regarding project again
-Exercising; badminton at pusat belia, ibb takaful, serembangun tutong.
-Lepak-ing at fren house
-Dating wit bf
-Relaxing at home; fb-ing, sleeping, liat bula, eating when hungry etc...
-What im so stress about; researching my project haiyaaaa. haha.

That;s all for now peeps.... so lazy

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