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Friday, May 14, 2010

Sport event

Beginner Tennis Player. Yea that's me.

Stadium Tennis Court

Today I played tennis with my personal coach sii udean who actually is my friend haha. The event started around 4pm. First, we went to the training field. I was playing so badly until I lost most of the tennis ball flew out of gate. Lol. After that my coach was asking me to get back all the balls or otherwise he was going to charge me. Haha dunno if he really means it. I was punished to repeat steps to swing, over n over again. Sometime I get frustrated that easily, but then I did not give up. At 7pm, we then proceed to the tennis court. Since I am already tired, I was just watching my coach and my other friend having a match. At 7.30 pm, it started to rain. Spoil..! haha. So we went home loo~

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