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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What else today..

What else today..hah yea in the morning i went to workshop at jerudong, to fill up my car's air-conditioning gas, i know this will not last long probably for a month. I have checked it tru at certain workshops, they said my airconditioning compressor system is not working anymore, n there shud be a leak sumwhere. Currently, i have to think over n over again what to fix first, too many problems, aha yea old cars =s. ok enuf of this let focus on what i've been doing at this hour, suppose i must research on life cycle assessment on the google, so i started typing with 'define...' so its automatically scrolling down showing variety of words which im not intended to look for.. so this phrase catch my attention n i start to check it haha, sumthing like 'define..poklen' hahah one of famous word used by the Bruneians. Check for this web . Well thats it, in the end i still have not add up my research. Better sleep. lol.

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