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Sunday, March 8, 2009

what i was watchin lately..

I need to find somethin to relief my stresses, coz i had just been through with my phase test 1. There will be 2 more subjects to go before my holiday, darn man im lookin forward for that. So i guess watchin' dvd cud loose some of my tension instead of goin out coz im such a spender n i dun want it to happen haha. There is this movie called ' Role Model' it is really an awesome movie, i bought it just by looking the cover and i know my fav. character sean william on it, so game on. So u guys better watch, well its not that really unrated, mostly it is really funny action. Go buy n enjoy!

Movie Review:

Role Models is a comedy about two loser-slacker- underachievers (they hawk energy drinks at public schools — 'nuff said) who get arrested for crashing a truck and then sentenced to 150 hours of community service. Each of them has to play big brother to a kid with major adjustment problems, and if you hear that and think, ''Isn't this a remake of some maximally dumb comedy from the 1980s?'' you’d be justified. The fun of Role Models is that it's a high-concept movie executed with speed and finesse and the kind of brusquely tossed-off obscene banter that can get you laughing before you know what hit you. The fish-out-of-water setup may be claptrap, but the movie feels loose, shaggy, and improv-y. Especially after Danny (Paul Rudd), a 35-year-old mope who sounds as if his soul has been burnt to a crisp, and Wheeler (Seann William Scott), a skirt chaser without a single mean bone in his body, arrive at the Sturdy Wings mentorship center and discover that trying to actually, you know, relate to a kid is their own special brand of hell.

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